Veterans Day remains an honored and sacred tradition at Coffee County High school


The CCCHS choir sings “In Flanders Fields,” a song inspired by a poem of the same name by John McCrae.

Shelby Watkins, Feature Editor

At Coffee County Central High School, the annual Veterans Day reminded students and staff about the great respect we should have for our country’s veterans.

Erica Peterson, director of  the CCCHS choir, planned the veteran’s day program. Peterson said, “My favorite part is being able to give back to the veterans in our community- even if it is just a small program of remembrance and honor.”

To begin the program, CCCHS principal Paul Parsley opened up the ceremony with a history of Veterans Day and the reasons why our country chose to honor our veterans on a national holiday. He reminded students why it is important that our veterans are remembered and honored: they fight for the freedoms we have every single day.

Our school’s singing club, Vocal Hype, sang the national anthem, a sight that caused many veterans, teachers, and students to feel the impact of our country’s veterans and the work they do for our freedoms.

The culinary department created posters to honor the veterans from our country. Their posters were dedicated to the men and women who defended our nation after the attacks of 9/11. These were hung in the gym to honor the veterans who attended.

Mrs. King, Manchester’s local Veterans of Foreign Wars representative, announced the winners of the poster contest. First place went to Lillian Walker, Katie Hobbs, and Alicia Broderick.

After that, junior ROTC began the official flag folding ceremony for the national flag. Andrea Sherrill presented the symbolism off each flag fold.

“In Flanders Fields” was sung by the show choir, led by Peterson. Senior Matthew Miller sang the solo that begins the famed song. Each choir member held a red poppy to give to the veterans who were honored during the program.

Next, CCCHS’s new junior ROTC instructor, Colonel Herschel spoke about being a veteran and the struggles and rewards of serving in the military.

Lastly, the veterans, guests and teachers, were recognized for their service. The CCCHS teachers who served include Scott Anderson, Lt. Col. Herschel, Sr. Master Sgt. Patrick Lazarus, Becki Louden, James Massingille, Mr. Don Poff, Debra Rivera, and Mr. Harold Sherrill. 

Our band recognized the men and women who attended that served in each branch with a medley of all the branch songs. The veterans stood to be recognized when the band played the song for the branch of the armed forces in which they served.