Prom season is upon us!


Jullian Nguyen

Senior, Jullian Nguyen, captured the intensity on the dance floor at the 2021 school prom.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

It’s official, prom season is upon us! A lot goes on behind the scenes for this night of dresses and bow ties. 

Prom is the night that juniors and seniors around the nation dress up and dance the night away with their closest friends. But just how much goes on behind the perfect Instagram pictures?


Behind the scenes scoop from your chaperones 

From planning the theme to the location and refreshments; a lot goes into arranging the perfect prom night. 

Tisha Jaco, science teacher and prom coordinator at CCHS states, “I plan with a lady at MCCCC to make sure that the vision I have for prom is as close as possible to what we see on prom night. For me, the very best part is when I walk into the conference center on prom night and see that vision brought to life.”

When asked if the stress of prom was worth it, principal Paul Parsley answered, “Yes. My favorite parts about prom are the smiling faces as students enter, the interesting conversations about experiences leading up to arrival at the prom such as dinner, and the music.” 


Planning weeks before (Dresses/ Tuxedo)

Organization is key when it comes to successful prom planning. Obtaining a dress/ tuxedo is essential when it comes to having the best possible prom experience.

 It’s important to get a dress or suit that makes you feel confident while also meeting your school’s dress code. Some good places to get your prom fit are Sherri Hill, David’s Bridal, Dillard’s, Men’s Wearhouse, and Windsor


Makeup/ Hair/ Jewelry & Accessories

Hair, makeup, and accessories can make or break an outfit. Whether you get your hair and makeup done professionally or do it yourself you want to find a look that best suits you. Finding the best look will take some searching for inspiration on Pinterest and other social media. 

When asked how she prepared for the night, 2021 CCHS prom queen Madasyn Wooten responded, “I scheduled hair and makeup appointments. Along with making sure I had my shoes, earrings, and any other jewelry that I would need to go along with the rest of the night.”



Getting pictures is one of the most important parts of the prom. Having pictures that you like is crucial, no matter if it’s with your date, friends or by yourself. 

Having friends that can take pictures will definitely help save money, but to ensure good quality pictures contacting a local photographer is always a good idea.   



Transportation to the prom venue is just as important to plan as everything else. Limos are very popular for prom night but any of your friends’ vehicles will work just as well!

Although with a limo, your group of friends won’t have to worry about navigating the streets or finding a parking spot, booking a limo is convenient for all parties involved. 

Prom night is a special occasion, and a limo is just the thing to arrive in style and make the entrance every teen dreams of. Your mom’s minivan just wouldn’t be as impressive. 


Corsage and boutonnieres

Corsages are traditionally brought by the male for his date and the female brings the boutonniere. It’s important to decide on flowers beforehand so they correspond and compliment the color of the dress/suit.

 In more recent years, girls who go with friends are creating the trend of the single bouquet instead of wearing corsages. 


The morning of

The morning of prom is chaos, to say the least for all students, parents, and administration involved. Tensions are high as the “best night ever” creeps closer. The morning includes makeup and hair, suits and cologne, and last-minute decorating.

Wooten states, “The morning includes getting everything in the car going to all the hair and makeup appointments, making sure that everyone is ready to go. 


Most Importantly: Have fun!

Senior Kenadi Hall says, “My favorite part about prom is being able to spend time with my friends at one last high school dance and have fun.”

Stress is to be expected with any school dance but it is still an exciting night for both juniors and seniors. Remember the point of prom is to have fun with your friends! Don’t stress more than you enjoy yourself!