What can we do to make this world a little kinder?


Sophomore Kailee Rossman promotes kindness with her encouraging t-shirt and smile!

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

There are several issues the teenagers of today face, but one of the biggest issues is unkindness.

Not only teenagers face this either. It is a worldly issue that everyone of all ages faces.  

Although there are several struggles this population faces on a daily basis, unkindness has become more and more prevalent. “If we don’t have the same views, we can’t be friends” is a common misunderstanding amongst teenagers and adults. 

However, this statement is not true, and we can all get along despite the false beliefs. It is very possible to get along and be kind to one another.

There are some steps for everyone to spread a little more kindness and make this world a little brighter. 

The first step that is necessary to be taken is to be kind to yourself. It is so important to have patience with yourself in order to understand what another person is facing.

In addition, how you treat yourself will show others how they should treat you. 

The next vital step in making this world a little kinder is to see yourself in other people’s shoes. Sure, we may not ever understand exactly what somebody else is going through, but we can try to picture ourselves in their position.

Before we judge someone, we need to take a step back and realize we are just background characters in their story. We genuinely do not know what they are struggling with, and not to mention, the world is judgemental enough. 

After the first two steps, we can move on to the third step. This step is to simply listen to others, and it goes hand in hand with placing ourselves in their shoes.

When we listen to people and are actively engaged, that shows the receiver that you care about them. 

Next, in order to make this world a little kinder, we can just smile. A smile can go a long way, and it might make someone’s day.

A smile shows that you are happy and positive, and it makes everyone around you want to be more positive. 

These steps are just a few things we can do to make the world brighter and kinder, and it is important for us to see good things in each day.