The “Weird Kid Klub” is back in session


Vaceks’ fifth period is working hard on building their art skills.

Maci Jacobs, Feature Editor

Art club is back at CCCHS! Many students are looking forward to being able to make resin art, splash paintings, pottery, and even jewelry. 

That’s right, Art club isn’t just about learning to draw. It’s about having fun and finding new faces to interact with. 

An abundance of the students in the club today are attending just for “kicksies,” says junior Skylar Morris. Morris claims she sees more people that “don’t smile often” grinning from ear to ear whilst putting a pencil to paper or picking up a paintbrush. 

As scary as it may be for people to join the club, the students aren’t judgmental whatsoever. Art club gives you the opportunity to enhance your skill, so it’s more than okay if you come in only drawing stick figures.

The nice thing to know is art isn’t about whether or not you’re good at it, it is about being able to express yourself through something more than words; it’s quite stress relieving. It’s about color and creativity, and the Art club is more about making friends who share your passion more than anything else. 

“We get to do a lot of different activities and there are a bunch of different ways to do what we love,” says senior Art Club President, Kt Davison. 

Speaking of our senior president, the club has students participate in Senior Send-off. It’s pretty self-explanatory; Art club shows a little appreciation for the seniors who they won’t have the luxury of seeing next year. 

The Senior Send-off takes place on the last meeting of the year. They get gifts, and to make one last memory, they usually do something really fun and messy, such as paint a twister or throw water balloons filled with paint onto canvases. The three-year applicants will get a “chord.”

“We’re a weird club. I like weird people and art people. Even if you just appreciate art but you’re not artistic, you can end up in Art club. We’re the kind of club for everyone who doesn’t have a club. I like that, though. You can be in Art club even if you don’t draw, just come to be social,” Mary Vacek, the art teacher, elaborated on her emotions towards the art club. 

The most common thing she sees in Art club is the amount of kids that don’t have many friends finding their clique. 

Art club is for everyone, meetings are every Wednesday from 3 p.m. until 4 p.m. in the art room, and there is a five dollar fee. So come join the Art club and start your spectacular journey of art appreciation!