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The Dance of the Year

Sekota Chaput, Reporter/Photographer

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Prom will be on April 21 at 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. this year at the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center.

With the end of the school year in sight, it’s easy to overlook that prom quickly is approaching too. Tickets will be $20 the first two weeks they’re on sale at the Red Raider Bank, but the price will increase to $30 dollars the week of prom. Before students buy a ticket, they should make sure they’re not on social probation. Neither Mrs. Jaco nor the Red Raider Bank can override this rule, so students are responsible for getting this information. 

With masks in gold and black, this year’s prom will have a sense of mystery with its masquerade theme. Full face masks are not allowed, but half masks are acceptable to wear. Masks will be sold the week after spring break during all three lunches and will cost between $1 to $3. They will need to be removed at the gate, but attendees are allowed to wear them after they’re identified. To come up with the theme, Mrs. Jaco asked students to email her about ideas. Then, she took the top suggestions, listed them in a google form, and sent it out to all seniors.  “They voted for their favorites, and I went with the theme that got the most votes,” Mrs. Jaco stated. Juniors haven’t been allowed to vote on the theme because that’s how it was when Mrs. Jaco took over as chairperson, and she didn’t feel the need to change it.  However, she believes that “perhaps we could do things differently next year.”

The dress code for prom isn’t extremely strict. However, there are some restrictions: nothing too low cut or too short, nothing with extreme body cut outs showing excessive midriffs, and no see-through materials over inappropriate locations. Also, remember that it’s a formal event, so avoid casual clothing like jeans, shorts, or tees.

Since nearly 500 tickets were sold last year, students should expect a pretty crowded event.  Regarding the music, Mrs. Jaco stated, “We hire a local DJ who plays a wide selection of current hits and dance mixes. It’s a wide variety.” Refreshments such as sodas, water, cake pops, cheese cubes and crackers, chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple and grapes will be served.

Purchase tickets early and have a ball at the prom!

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The Dance of the Year