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Is CCCHS Safe?

Farrah Fletcher and Isaac Rackley

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No one could’ve predicted that one of the potentially safest places in our lives would become one of the most feared. However, with the alarmingly increasing number of fatal school shootings happening, one of the most popular conversation starters today is whether or not this generation has to choose between education or their lives.

Students school wide have begun questioning the effectiveness of CCCHS’s safety procedure, or if one is even in existence. After interviews with school officials, it has been assured that there is a detailed plan.  School Resource Officer Taylor and Dr.Vaughn, have stated that for our own safety, specifics of the policy are kept private among faculty. According to Dr. Vaughn, every situation is different, and the size and layout of the school call for a variety of responses. However, students are guaranteed that the teachers and officials are doing everything in their power to keep CCCHS safe. SRO Taylor asserted the importance of listening to teachers and faculty, who are very prepared to keep students safe in the event of a safety breech. 

Having a voice is key to being prepared, emphasized Vaughn. “We’re going to do everything we can to keep you safe, but y’all [students] are active participants as well.” Safety in school depends on the students communicating their concerns, and letting staff know if they believe that the safety of the school has been threatened in any way.

Regarding the widespread fear about what would happen in this situation due to the lack of doors in the building, Vaughn had this to say; “In my opinion, given the physical layout that we have, we are as  prepared as we possibly can be.” Dr. Vaughn states that he would love to have doors, but unfortunately, due to the structure of the school, installing doors in the “circle’ (foreign language, English, science, business, and social studies wings) would be mostly impossible. Despite this, the school is safe, and policy is in place to accommodate the unique layout of the building. 

Recent safety meetings were actually conducted by grade level to address safety concerns. Members of the Manchester City Police Department, led by Chief of Police Mark Yother, conducted an informational meeting in which the response time of of police in the event of a shooting was measured. If anything were to happen at CCCHS, the police are expected to arrive within 2-3 minutes. The police officers also fielded questions from the audience.

In the end, the main goal both students and faculty are pursuing is peace of mind in a place they spend most of their lives. Growing up, school has always been a place of sanctuary, and the hope is that it can be that again. Dr. Vaughn had this piece of advice for anxious students: “We can’t live our lives in fear; you’ll miss a whole lot of life if you do.”

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Is CCCHS Safe?