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Tennessee’s Take on Distracted Driving

Kathryn Welch, Reporter/Photographer

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The new statewide campaign #ThumbsDownsTN brings awareness to distracted driving in the month of April.

The beginning of April has Tennessee prepared and ready in its efforts to minimize and stop distracted drivers who cause crashes and even deaths on the road. Statistics show that “in 2017 there were almost 25,000 crashes around the state, in which distracted driving was a contributing factor. Of these crashes, 120 were deadly.”
This year the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and the Tennessee Highway Patrol have put into action a way to view texting drivers more efficiently, due to the increasing number of distracted driver incidents statewide. The Distracted Driving Enforcement Bus Tour allows troopers  the ability to observe drivers and notify other nearby officers due to the height of the Driving Enforcement Bus.

Many drivers and passengers do not know or realize what defines distracted driving; it is when a driver engages in activities that divert their attention away from the road. There are three forms that categorize driving distractions. These are cognitive, visual, and manual. Cognitive distractions occur when a driver’s mind is not focused directly upon driving. Examples of cognitive distractions would include talking to passengers within a vehicle, thinking about stressful issues, or listening to loud music. Visual distractions take place when drivers are not focused on looking ahead at the road. Examples are looking for items around the car or viewing down at a GPS or device. Manual distractions happen when a driver takes one or both hands off the wheel for any given risen. Examples include distractions such as eating food or drinking beverages, reaching behind or backwards, or handling a cell phone or mobile device.

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Tennessee’s Take on Distracted Driving