[VIDEO] Students Take a Stand at Second Poetry Slam

Yanely Luna

Yanely Luna, Photo Editor

After Mr. Mike Stein worked with Southern Word for the first CCCHS Poetry Slam, Southern Word returned for a second slam, this time open to all students.

The slam opened up with Saran, an affiliate with Southern Word, speaking about how all the students are very brave for performing their poems-which can be very emotional and vulnerable.

After Saran spoke for a few minutes, the slam opened up with a “sacrificial poet,” which was Mr. Stein. He performed a poem about his battle with cancer.

The slam was judged by three CCCHS teachers: Mr. Rutledge, Mr. Jamison, and Mrs. Vacek. At the end of the slam, their scores were tallied.

First place was Chloe Philpot, a student at Franklin County.

Second place was Jaiden Aquino, a junior at CCCHS.

Third place was Alyssa Richard, a senior at CCCHS.

Eleven  total students from CCCHS performed at the poetry slam, and one student that does not attend CCCHS. 

Each student performed an original poem which was emotional and many tears were shed from both the students and the audience. Jaiden Aquino and Dyllen Robinson are shown in the video above.