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This year, The Coffee Press asked seniors to leave something that helped them through their years here to someone to whom it may come in handy.


From: Ash Moss

To: Alex Baldwin and M.E Spradley

-My Alaska sweater

-“Former graduates Skyler Wanamaker and Lexie Wiggs gave me and Joe Melton this sweater. Now we are passing it on Alex Baldwin and M.E Spradley. I wish them luck with their last year of school. I know they are going to big places one day.”


From: Brandy Gold

To: Destiny Grissom

-Leadership of the lunch table

-“You now have control over the lunch table. You must follow the leadership that I have put in place. I believe you will do good. Do not let drama creep onto the table.”


From: Cara Dunn

To: Cade Pittman

-Parking Spot 112

-“I, Cara Dunn, hereby will any available parking spot you can manage to occupy after 7:55 every morning to Cade Pittman. I hope when you park your truck that you will be grateful for the open spot while acknowledging that if i were there, it would be my car in there instead of yours. Stay Late and Stay Lit My Boi.”


From: Dalton Carlton

To: All upcoming seniors

-Lunch table and parking spot

-“lunch table by the booth’s long table and parking lot like near the practice football field but in the back.”


From: Dustin Jacobs

To: Bree Jacobs

-2nd booth

-“love you fam. love, your cousin”


From: James Wilson

To: Underclassmen

-The shop classes

-“DO NOT DESTROY WELDERS IN THE SHOPS. You have a lot better than what we had to begin with.”


From: Jamie Andrew Lee

To: Becca Jane Adams

-Lunch table

-“I would like as a graduating senior for my best friend and her friends of her choice to have their own lunch table at lunch time like one of the booths or one of the small round tables or a regular lunch table that way she and her friends can talk with each other and have a great time hanging around each other and at the same time be able to eat lunch together.”


From: Jennifer Reynolds

To: Underclassmen

-Speaking out when you know something is wrong.

-“Be a voice not an echo. speak out when others are in trouble . Don’t spread things”


From: Lawrence Monroe

To: Noah Watkins

-My will to live

-“He needs it more than I do -he’s still in high school. GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!”


From: Makaia Pennington-Gerard

To: Colleen Wainright

-Our radical lunch table

-“You get our lunch table where we had a bunch of sweet memories. Tubular and radical memories. Keep em going peanut. Love ya my lil giraffe!!”


From: Regina Edwards

To: Underclassmen

-Respect to others and disabled

-“Take care of others and trying to prevent fights from happening. Respect everything and everyone around you. Help disabled people when needed. ”


From: Ryen Lawing

To: Everyone

-Cheering in the halls

-“Every Friday after 7th period you must cheer in the halls on your way out. The sense of unity you get is great, and why not celebrate the end of the school week with your friends and classmates? Just continue the tradition we are trying to set.”








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