Meme Mania Is Here


Photo Provided

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

As a part of  Spirit Week  at Coffee County Central High School, the student body dressed up as Memes on Monday, August 20, 2018. The diversity of Vine, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter allowed for a very colorful hallway. From Kermit the Frog to Bob Ross, the students showed their pride in the school in a very generationally correct way. Examples of the participants are available below.


Madison Sandlin {Salt Bae, Left}, Mrs. Parish {Confused, Center}, Brook Sanders {“But Wait There’s More”, Right}
Jackson Hamm {Fortnite Battle Royale}
J.T Johnson {“Is this..”}
Vitrais Rosales {Kermit’s “But That’s None Of My Business”}
Christa Pearson {“Zach Stop”}


George Gannon {Left}, Greyson Mills {Left Center}, Xaiver Lowry {Right Center}, Jackson Kelly {Right} {All: “Had To Do It To Them”}


Sebastien Tarin {Grumpy Cat}
Zoey Ward {Doge}
Ashley Keefe {“So You Just Gon’ Bring Me a Birthday Gift on My Birthday to My Birthday Party”}
Willow Justice {Flashback Mary}
Will Adcock {Salt Bae}
Luke Irwin {The Yodling Boy}
Kathryn Welch {Bob Ross}
Kelti Hamrick {Hoodie Boi/Kermit the Frog}


Jaden Chaophasy {“I Have the Power Of God and Anime On My Side”}