Way Back When?


Photo Provided

(Left to right) Madison Hutchins, Isaac Coder, Kate Craighead , Noah Watkins

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

August 22, 2018, was timeless at Coffee County Central High School. A large number of students  participated in Way Back Wednesday and took a step into the past. From an outsider’s point of view, understanding in what decade the student body was living would have been nearly impossible. Did they turn back the clock to the 50’s with the poodle’s skirts and milkshakes, or was it the 90’s grunge movement? In any case, several decades were represented, and everyone enjoyed the time travel.  

Caitlin Halbeck circa. 1950
Vitrias Rosales {Left}, Jaden Chaophasy {Center}, Bree Williamson {Left} circa. 1970
Kathryn Welch circa. 1970
Mr. Kittenger circa. 1920
Harley Hinshaw circa. 1950


Pictured (Left to right) Colleen Wainright, Noah Amonette , Nicole Whitt , Allie Robinson,  circa. 1950
Shannah Fame and Alissa Sparkman  circa. 1950


Raven Weber circa. 1950
Mlle. Knox  and  Señora Morris



Bri Stacey circa. 1980