Passionate Readers Welcomed to Join Project LIT!

Jaiden Aquino, Assistant Editor

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Project LIT arrives to CCCHS as a literature appreciation club dedicated to increasing exposure of culturally relevant books to students.

This club, organized by Mr. Stein, is one of many newly arriving at CCCHS this year. Fundamentally, the club aims to “host community-wide book clubs and literacy events, celebrate daily reading on social media, spread the love of reading throughout the school and community, and inspire, support, and encourage one another.”

As an extension of the national literacy movement of the same name, Project LIT directly focuses on the reading and discussing of “high-interest, diverse, and culturally relevant books,” and within these discussions, the club aspires to advance interpersonal understanding through the facilitation of literature.

Any students with a passion for reading will feel right at home in Project LIT, for the club appreciates literature for its artistic value while also placing modern narratives in a social context to define how their underlying messages apply to contemporary issues.

As a start, the club plans to read The Hate U Give, a topical narrative that details the story of Starr as a firsthand witness of a childhood friend’s homicide by a police officer. Mr. Stein hopes to witness many impassioned readers at the next Project LIT meeting!