WWII Veteran Takes the Spotlight

Jake Melton, Sports Editor

While studying Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, the sophomores at CCCHS were fortunate enough to hear the first hand account of World War II veteran, Dr. Guy Fortney. Dr. Fortney was a 20 year-old company aid man in the 4th Armoured Division during 1944. While on duty, Dr. Fortney came across one of the first know concentration camps, which was located in Ohrdruf, Germany.

During the assembly Dr. Fortney showed powerful images and explained each photo in detail. These images included stacks of bodies, gallows for public execution, and mass graves. Dr. Fortney explained not only the horrors of concentration camps but of war in general. He told the students, “I thought I would die every single day. I was one of the two medics that survived our whole deployment. Originally there were five of us.” When asked if he had read Night, Dr. Fortney responded, “No, I lived that once, I don’t need to live it again.” Dr. Fortney’s speech was both captivating and emotional. The students and staff thank Dr. Fortney for his visit.