Blake Reviews: A Star is Born

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

A Star is Born: Cooper and Gaga exhibit a dazzling chemistry that triumphs to being one of the best romances of the year.  

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, and Sam  Elliott.

Directed by Bradley Cooper.

Reviewed by Blake Patterson.



    When the trailer released for A Star is Born during this year, it was a questionable experience because it’s a plot that has been presented four times.  A few weeks after the previews, several critics reported that A Star is Born is an excellent motion picture. Particularly, one sophisticated critic, Richard Roeper, referred to this film as “This is the best A Star is Born yet…” Even if the path is obvious, there’s no doubt that Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born is a potent work of art. A Star is Born prevails against archetypes and cliches observed before because it includes a fresh take on a threadbare subject, a brilliant ensemble, and the finest music of 2018 with the assistance of an adept crew.  

     Primarily, A Star is Born commences with an introduction that signifies a banal route that luckily only proceeds transiently. As true moviegoers would recall, A Star is Born is centered on a pill-popping musician named Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), who assists a young singer named Ally, (Lady Gaga), into seeking stardom. Ally has an inherent talent in music that is undermined by that of her father, Andrew Dice Clay, a shockingly impressive, blunt attitude to the point of sorrow. On Jackson Maine’s side of the family, Maine’s relationship with his older brother, a superb Sam Elliott, is utterly spiteful. No spoilers will be expressed by this film fanatic.  

   By the same token, A Star is Born is outclassed by a competent cast that doesn’t waste their momentum. For anyone who has followed careers, it is intriguing to view Cooper’s progression as a performer. From The Hangover to American Sniper, this skilled actor produces enough subtle complexity to impress a cynic. Equally gifted as expected, Gaga delivers a powerhouse of a performance that will easily be acknowledged by the Academy. Dave Chappelle, Elliott, and Clay have surpassed their normal choices as actors.  These cast members don’t commit a single misfire in  A Star is Born.

   Furthermore, “A Star is Born” would be dubious without profound music and a formidable unit. As a director, Cooper’s directorial prowess is admirable. This movie’s screenplay was written with audacious spirit by Cooper, Eric Roth, and Will Fetters and elegantly recorded by a dexterous cinematographer, Matthew Libatique. From “Black Eyes” to “I’ll Never Love Again,” these songs were enriched with authenticity and profundity. There is proficient craftsmanship involved in this remake.  

   In conclusion, A Star is Born is a modern classic worth everyone’s time. If the Academy fails to nominate this picture and the people involved, they will receive an excess of cynicism. For the future, Cooper should continue to direct films because there is a noticeable gift in his hands. As accomplished as she is in music, Gaga emits a sense of fervor that should be lionized. With all the pessimism influencing society, A Star is Born might inspire humanity for anyone that desires to reorganize their lives.


Blake Patterson is a Coffee County Central High School Senior who expresses extreme interest in the film industry and films alike. Once he finishes High School he plans on majoring in audio/visual production. Regularly Blake reviews films on Instagram @afroreviews1 and on Facebook at Afro Reviews.


A Star is Born is showing at Regal Tullahoma 8, AMC Stones River 9, and Premiere 6 Theater for a limited time. DVD’s will begin to be sold in January of 2019.