Halloween Dress Up Bans Hats

Yanely Luna, Editor-in-Chief

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In past dress up days, hats have nearly always been allowed as long as it matches the theme.

On Halloween, however, students were required to pay a dollar to dress up, which was not required in past years. Students seemed to be mostly fine with this modification, as long as the money was going to a good cause. They were under the impression, though, that hats would be allowed as long as they were a part of the costume since they have been allowed on past dress up days.

Many students came to school ready to show off their costumes on Halloween morning. They wore hats because they went with their costume, including witches. However, these students were turned down by administration and told to take off their hats.

One student, in particular, was concerned about this because she paid her dollar, but was still told to take off her hat. However, her costume was defined by the hat. Without the hat, she had only paid a dollar to wear nearly regular clothes.

So, students were required to pay a dollar to dress up and could not even dress up how they wanted. Every other dress up day, hats are allowed – and students do not even have to pay, but administration decided Halloween was the best day to turn this rule around.