Salem Hits Coffee County


Aryana Hamrick

Betty Parris (Sarah Thompson) in distress at the beginning of Act 1.

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

Coffee County Central High School theater recently presented The Crucible by  Arthur Miller on November 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and an in-school show on November 7. The play takes place in Salem in 1692 following the town’s reverend Parish, played by Bree Williams, who find a group of girls, including his daughter, Betty, played by Sarah Thompson, and niece,  Abigail, played byAndrianna Widener, dancing in the woods. Once the girls were questioned about what had happened the night before they denied all charges, until Reverend Hale, played by Travis Lawson is summoned to town. With Hale’s presence the town begins to point to witchcraft allowing the girls to begin the Salem Witch Trails.

Preparations for the play began in August when auditions were held for both CCCHS and Raider Academy students. Mrs. Vacek, along with the Raider Creators, painted and built sets the week of October 21 through November 1. Mr. Anderson and his AV production class filmed all six after school productions along with both school shows. Kate Craighead did make up for the older cast members as well as the prisoners. Mr. Wagner, along with the help of Mr. Rutledge and Mr. Higdon, produced the show case. Andrianna Widener plays the female lead as Abigail Williams, with Danny Simmons as John Proctor. Tabby Syferd showcases as Elizabeth Proctor,  and Colleen Wainright was Mary Warren.  Photos of the students are present below.


Reverend Parris (Breanna Williamson) praying over Betty Parris (Sarah Thompson) in Act 1.


Mercy Lewis (Melanie McKelvey) bowing off some steam in Act 1.


John Proctor (Danny Simmons) and Elizabeth Proctor (Tabby Syferd) arguing in Act 2.


Abigail Williams (Andrianna Widener) and John Proctor (Danny Simmons) passionately discussing the false rumors of witch craft in Act 2.


From left to right, Reverend Hale (Travis Lawson) and Reverend Parris (Bree Williamson) seated before a judge in Act 3.


Mary Warren (Colleen Wainright) hanging her head before Judge Hawthorne (Drew Harner) in Act 3.


Elizabeth Proctor (Tabby Syferd) and John Proctor (Danny Simmons) having a serious conversation about soul damnation in Act 4.