High Hopes For The Angel Tree


Humphrey Muleba

Angel Tree

Aubrie Holder, Reporter and Photographer

With the holiday season approaching  some CCCHS clubs and teams have decided to give back to the community.


CCCHS baseball team has decided to divide up into 10 groups with each group providing for an angel. They will have everything ready by December 7.  Some of the examples of items they will be providing are listed below. These might also give other students ideas if they see fellow students for whom they would like to provide some extra cheer. 

One of the angels, a 13 year old boy, needs all toiletries, underwear, and socks, and would like Nike jogging pants, monopoly, camo, legos, and a bicycle.

A second angel, a 14 year old boy, would like board games, trucks, cars, and hot wheels.

The last angel the baseball team has adopted, a 14 year old boy needs Old Spice toiletries, and he would like a headset, and a bike.


CCCHS Interact club has adopted three elderly women and and one elderly man from the Manchester Health Care Center. Interact has participated in the Angel Tree for five years. Ms.Perry says “ I enjoy adopting the elderly for Christmas. They have lost so many loved ones by this time in their lives, that I am sure the holidays are difficult. Their requests are always so humble like socks and soaps which are items the high school students can actually afford with their usually minimum wage jobs.”

There are still angels available at the area nursing homes if other students would like to participate.

CCCHS FFA is adopting two kids for the Angel Tree, an eleven year-old girl and a three year-old boy. They asked for board games, Harry Potter, and clothes. Usually, the officers in FFA will go to Walmart and gather things for the two angels. Samantha Peyton says, “The biggest benefit for doing the Angel Tree is knowing that you are about to make a little kids Christmas. Since they don’t typically get things, you get to give them things they want. The Angel Tree is a great way to give back into your Community, whether you go through a church or school you can give a child the Christmas that they have never been able to receive before.”

There are still angels available at the area nursing homes if other students would like to participate.