Christmas Lights Bring Joy to All

Sara Dove, Copy Editor

With the holidays fast approaching, many community members are beginning to put on their annual Christmas light shows. Nothing says “Christmas Spirit” like an extravagant display of lights and decorations. Families looking for a fun and affordable activity can stop by at any of the locations below:


Winton’s Light Display

55 Haskell Winton Road, Manchester, Tn.


Brown’s’ Christmas Lights

450 Simmons Rd. Hillsboro ,TN


Reese Family Light Show

2010 Adams St. Tullahoma, TN


Ray’s Family Christmas Light Show

711 E. Grizzard St. Tullahoma, TN


Daugherty Christmas Lights

169 Brandi Way Winchester, TN



Be sure to stop by and enjoy the show! We at The Coffee Press wish everyone a very merry Christmas!