CCHS Loses a Real Jewel with Mrs. Ruby’s Retirement


Mrs. Ruby spends her last day at CCHS busy as usual!

Jaiden Aquino, Assistant Editor


Coffee County Central High School is saying farewell to a staff member who has served such for such a lengthy period that the school is practically losing a fragment of its foundation. As an administrative office assistant, Mrs. Ruby Henegar has served the school’s staff administration for forty-two years – a strikingly long, dedicated career that soon comes to a conclusion with her approaching retirement.

Mrs. Henegar’s job goes beyond the regular school calendar. In the summer before school begins, Mrs. Ruby finalizes everything from the academic year and helps prepare for the start of the new year. During the spring, she helps with graduation; however, throughout a typical day, one may find Mrs. Ruby in the school office checking teacher attendance, finding substitutes, working on her computer, answering phones, taking messages, running copies, and whatever else needs to be done, all behind a clarifying sign stating: “It’s not gray. It’s ‘ash blonde!’”

However, this was not always the position she served for the school. Before she began her career, she had not worked for several years after having children; coincidentally, when she decided to return to work, a job was open in the recently constructed high school. Mrs. Ruby took the opportunity and found herself in the library creating absentee lists or  recording bookkeeping documents on a typewriter. With no computers, copiers, or printers, an image of keys clacking and platens resetting reveals the simplicity of a time where letters (often typed by Mrs. Ruby) were delivered instead of emails sent.

After having enjoyed eleven different principals and forty-two years of students, Mrs. Ruby misses the student-interaction she had when there were only two office workers. Throughout her career, some of Mrs. Ruby’s greatest memories were being able to see her children and grandchildren attend and graduate from  CCCHS.

In her departure, she offers advice to the school’s current group of students, “Always treat others the way you would want to be treated, and whatever you are doing, do your very best.” Additionally, to the person filling her position next year, she advises him or her to stay calm, roll with the flow, and pay attention to detail.

Forty-two years of experience in the school administration has given Mrs. Ruby one notable piece of wisdom: the only constant is change.

In her retirement, she plans to spend much more time with her family, learn many new things that she didn’t have the time to before, and read many good books.

The Coffee Press and Coffee County Central High School have the utmost respect and appreciation for the passion and dedication exhibited in Mrs. Ruby’s time in the administration. It has been a treasure to have her effort and commitment serving the school for so long, and these remarkable displays of diligence shall certainly impress themselves into the foundation of the high school for countless years to come. We wish the very best in everything Mrs. Ruby pursues!