Celebrating MLK Jr. Day

Kathryn Welch, Business Manager

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On Monday, January 21, the United States federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be be celebrated.

Every year on the third Monday of January this holiday is  celebrated to honor the life and achievements of Dr King, who was an influential American civil rights leader. He was well known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transportation and to bring about racial equality in the United States. While he brought about change in a volatile era, he advocated for peaceful protests. 

Students continue to study some of his great speeches and letters. His “I Have a Dream” speech revealed his desire for all men and women to be treated equally , and  “A Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written to his fellow clergymen after being arrested for parading without a permit.

Many people might just see this holiday as a free day off for no particular reason; however, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is meant to be seen as a day to promote equal rights for all Americans regardless of their race or ethnicity. In recent years the federal legislature has encouraged Americans to give some of their time on this day to volunteer in citizen action groups. Without the works of Martin Luther King, Jr. our world would be a different place. On January 21, take time to remember the works of a great man and be inspired to make a difference.