New Club Unites Students


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Sara Dove, Copy Editor

This year CCCHS is offering an LGBTQ+ friendly organization known as the Unity Club. The goal of the club is to offer a safe space for students who would otherwise have no place to discuss how they feel without fear of ridicule. Regardless of sexual orientation, anyone is welcome to join. Meetings will be held after school one Wednesday per month in Mr. Jamison’s room.

The club was started by junior Taylor Stumpf in hopes to create a safe place for her peers going through issues related to their identity. In response to the somewhat negative attention the club is attracting, Stumpf would like to state that “the Unity Club’s goal isn’t to belittle or offend anyone. I would love for us to be on good terms with the Bible study group, or be able to support any of our fellow students. I want people with issues about it to come to me, so we can talk it out and explain our points of view and understand one another.”

Any student interested in joining can speak with Mr. Jamison or Stumpf for further details.