CHS FFA President Josh Barnard Wins State Competition


photo provided

Josh Barnard receives his award for winning the extemporaneous speech contest at the FFA convention.

Jaiden Aquino, Assistant Editor

An extemporaneous speech competition was held at the recent Tennessee FFA Convention. This particular contest tested the broad knowledge FFA members have on hand about randomly drawn topics related to agriculture and the individuals’ ability to present that knowledge to the judges. In the test of these skills, CCCHS’s very own Josh Barnard proved victorious and earned a ticket to FFA nationals.

 Josh, who is FFA President drew the question, “What are the greatest challenges that face the perception of animal agriculture?”  and was expected to present a four to six minute speech about, as well as answer questions regarding it-an easy task for him as his favorite point of discussion is advocacy and literacy.

The solution he offered was to input more agriculture into education, especially in elementary schools, in order to make all consumers agriculturalists. He believes that many consumers are uninformed, and tend to purchase brand name produce labeled with non-GMO, organic, and hormone-free stickers, despite the fact that most produce is likely of the same quality and raised in the same manner.

As his first state award in four years of FFA participation, Barnard was euphoric. His victory bought him a ticket to Indianapolis to participate in FFA nationals, and he is excited and anxious to begin preparing for the upcoming competition.

Josh Barnard has a passion for agriculture that drives him to pursue a career in an industry that he states, “feeds the world.” He plans to potentially become a doctor or pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

As an expert in his field, he offers a few interesting agricultural facts. For example, seven percent of adult Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. That is 16.4 million people, which is about the population of Pennsylvania. Additionally, less than one percent of the current population feeds, clothes, and shelters one hundred percent of the population.

The Coffee Press and CHS congratulate Josh Barnard in his victory and wish him luck at FFA nationals!