Class of 2019 Remembers


Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

Before graduation day arrives, there are many decisions that still need to be established. The 2019 Senior class has lost two of their own during high school. The previous year, following a vote by the senior class of 2018, Tiffany Davis was remembered with the White Gown, which had been intended to honor a member of the class.  This year, however, there is a dilemma. In 2016 the Senior Class lost Ryan Schafer and again in 2018 they lost Austin Davis. It is up to the discretion of the seniors as to how they wish to honor their fallen friends. During the graduation ceremony on May 24, two seats will be left open in the place of Ryan and Austin. To memorialize them, ideas such as leaving a relic or balloons in their chairs have been suggested. If there is anything the student body would like to do in commemoration of these two students, they can contact Mrs. Carney at [email protected] or Student Body President George Gannon at [email protected].