Raider Creator Recap


Sara Dove, Copy Editor

This year, the Raider Creators assisted in the production of multiple plays and  a musical. In the fall, students helped with both set building and painting for The Crucible, including painting the huge backdrop with a detailed forest scene. Also in the spring, the crew teamed up with Mrs. Monroe for the middle school play that was held at CCCHS to assemble a western style set, complete with a lantern-lit barn and a wooden fence.

After a long break in between fall and spring, the club resumed work following the announcement of the musical Pippin!.  The enormous circus posters that were draped in the background of the set were painted by a small group of detail-oriented club members. Even small and seemingly unimportant aspects such as the steps of the stairs were painted carefully by the Raider Creators.

Raider Creators is a great opportunity to get involved in theater for those who would rather partake in behind the scenes activities. Anyone is welcome to join next year!