Summer 2019 Bucket List

Jake Melton, Sports Editor

Summer is coming in hot (pun intended)! It’ll be here before we know it. Many students exit the building on their last day with big plans for the summer; others are just ready to relax and make plans when the time comes. To whichever group students belong, everyone could use a couple of fun ideas to make the most of summer. Here is a list of a few ideas to add to the summer festivities.


Watch Sunsets

Go To Bonnaroo

Go Kayaking

Have A Picnic

Watch Fireworks

Go To The Drive-In Movie Theater

Go On A Road Trip

Make A Slip-N-Slide

Go To The Lake

Go Swimming

Go Stargazing

Go To Chattanooga For A Day

Go To Nashville For A Day

Tour A College

Have A Bonfire