Meet Me In The Middle

Aubrie Holder, Reporter/Photographer

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From my point of view as a middle child, I personally believe middle children often feel left out of everything, useless, and unimportant. Middle child syndrome is a condition in which the middle child feels excluded. The effects of this condition include feeling unloved and apprehensive. The oldest has more privileges and the youngest, as the baby, gets spoiled. However, the middle children often seek less attention and have to find someone else that gives them more attention. Most often people would say that the middle child always seems down, and the reason is because they feel alone, tired of not being good enough, and ignored. I honestly wonder why the middle child gets treated differently; we’re just as important as the oldest and the youngest; we were just born second.

As the middle child, I feel unequal because the oldest gets more privileges since that she was born first and has more experience, and the youngest child gets all of the attention. Sometimes I feel like I’m not even here. My reason for feeling this way is because everyone blocks me out, ignores me, and causes me to feel alone. My parents wonder why I’m always down and don’t talk to anyone because I keep all my feelings and emotions to myself. No one should feel alone. Even if you assume your parents don’t care or don’t love you, it’s not true! Your parent’s love you no matter what, and if you tell your parents how you feel, they will assure you of their devotion. 


My older sister and I.

My younger brother and I.