The JoBros were “Burnin’ Up” the Bridgestone Arena


The Jonas Brothers perform to thousands of screaming fans in Bridgestone Arena.

Shelby Watkins, Feature Editor

The Jonas Brothers recently began their Happiness Begins tour to mark the release of their latest album and reunion. Many fans of the group eagerly awaited the concert they thought less than a year ago would never happen again.

It did not disappoint.

On September 10 in Nashville, Tenn, the Jonas Brothers performed at Bridgestone Arena to a sold-out crowd. The night began with opening acts John McGraw and Bebe Rexa. Both performances brought unique atmospheres to the arena and helped to excite the fans for the upcoming experience. 

Although McGraw was not fully received by the crowd, Bebe Rexa brought in a liberating atmosphere that was guaranteed to instill self-love into the crowd.

Bebe Rexa also brought out a surprise guest during the song “Meant to Be.” Kelsea Ballerini, a famous country music star from Nashville, helped bring the opening acts to a close and sunk the crowd into a tumultuous applause. 

Once Bebe Rexa finished, the anticipation of six years was felt in each Jonas Brothers fan in the room. 

Finally, the brothers descended from the ceiling and brought all of the crowd’s favorite songs to life. Fire, confetti and inflatable men created a phenomenal party atmosphere. Screaming deafened the ears of every person in the room.

On the stage’s rear screen, the Jonas Brothers created a story. Before select songs, videos played with young children who played Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas in their childhood years. After the initial video, each sequential video was one of the group members meeting his younger counterpart. 

These videos were very well designed and illustrated the story of the Jonas Brothers growing up into their musical career. The story presented to the audience brought tears into the eyes of many as the young children’s eyes lit up at the image of their collective future.

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas both sang songs from their solo careers that were apart from the original group such as “Jealous” and “Cake by the Ocean.” Finally, the brothers brought out their own guests, Dan and Shay. The two groups sang Dan and Shay’s “Tequila” together. 

It’s safe to say the brothers led their concert in Nashville, TN with the utmost confidence and spunk. After “Tequila,” they ended the night with two of their most famous songs: “Burnin’ Up” and “Sucker.” 

Flames dominated the stage during “Burnin’ Up” and the whole arena could feel the heat. “Sucker” ended the party and had every person in the crowd still screaming even after the Jonas Brothers had left the stage.

I would completely recommend the Happiness Begins Tour for anyone looking for a fun night. The Jonas Brothers dominated the stage and kept the crowd excited.

Overall, the concert at Bridgestone was full of everything that a Southern Jonas Brothers fan would love: country stars, a Jonas, another Jonas, and another Jonas.