Shibo Ramen is the restaurant you didn’t know you needed!

The lower priced ramen is vegetarian while the other two options have chicken.

Kushi Zaver

The lower priced ramen is vegetarian while the other two options have chicken.

Kushi Zaver, Op-ed Editor

David Davenport and his family opened Shibo Ramen, a restaurant for traditional Japanese ramen, in June of 2019 to bring a new flavor to the small town of Tullahoma, Tenn. Naturally, the community was buzzing with excitement for a new place to eat, and the experience was everything I was hoping for. 

The shop is located at 1905 N Jackson St #450 in Tullahoma and has plenty of parking available for anyone who wants to eat. It also has an easy to read sign as soon as you look at the strip mall where it is situated.

As you enter the restaurant you can see the host’s station and a small, convenient waiting area to the right. There is also not usually a wait to be seated.

They have seating available from single seats by the window to booths that seat up to six. 

The building has direct sunlight in the front and somewhat dimmer lighting in the back depending on the occasion. 

The staff consists of mostly teenagers, but they are all friendly and periodically check on the guests. Overall, the atmosphere of the whole place is relaxed and welcoming. 

As for the food, it’s wonderful. Their ramen is completely customizable because the customer can choose the broth, noodles and toppings so anyone can find some combination they enjoy. 

They also have amazing appetizers such as gyoza, pork dumplings, and other set dish options like cheesy noodles, a ponzu bowl and spicy, cheesy rice. The ponzu bowl and dumplings have had very high reviews from my friends. 

The quality of the food is above the other restaurants in the town such as La Fiesta and The Sundrop Shop; the broth is rich in flavor and body and the toppings are fresh. The toppings include bamboo shoots, spinach, mushrooms and boiled eggs. 

It is evident that the chef puts effort into each bowl, and they do not overcharge because of the amount of food the customers receive. 

Now to one of the most important factors: the price. It is relatively higher than the average prices at other restaurants. A meal at Mexican or Italian restaurants would be about 10 to 15 dollars per person but those restaurants can be found almost anywhere near Tullahoma. 

The ramen shop is new and unique but the prices do run from 15 to 20 dollars a person. Although, it is worth the price for the portions. As mentioned before, they give each person enough food to take extra home and have a midnight snack later on. 

If the prices still seem steep, they do have a text message subscription service people can join that gives discounts and special birthday offers. For example, when someone signs up he, or she gets an automatic 25% off! They also have lower lunch prices. 

All in all, the restaurant is highly recommended and for good reason. The food and staff are exceptional and the price is fair. They are open from nine a.m. to eleven p.m. from Monday to Thursday and eleven a.m. to ten p.m.  on Friday and Saturday. So, go try some ramen today!