Student Kindness Group Promotes Positivity


The Hive members from left to right, Emma Holmes, Madylyn Holder, Mariah Black, Hanna Brock, Madison Hershman, Sarah Thomas, Kailee Shores and Liberty McAfee, pose on Halloween in their costumes.

Shelby Watkins, Feature Editor

On October 23rd, The Hive, a school-wide kindness club, became dedicated to making sure the students of Coffee County Central High School have something to brighten their lives.

Each and every member has dedicated their time to grow The Hive. They include founder Mariah Black, Sarah Thomas, Hanna Brock, Emma Holmes, Madylyn Holder, Kailee Shores, Austin Burch, Madison Hershman, Macy Brown, Conner Fox, Cade Pittman and Alissa Lemons.

Senior and founder Mariah Black wants The school’s Hive to be a representation of beehives. She says, “The Hive is based off the beehive. A bee can get lost sometimes when they fly too far away from their original hive.” 

She goes on to say that the beehive will send a signal to other hives looking for the lost bee. If it is found by another hive, according to her, “it will be adopted as one of their own.” Black hopes that The Hive can be a place where “lost bees” can feel safe and find a new home within the group.

The Hive’s goal is to spread positivity around the school, wherever their love and help is needed. They regularly post on Instagram and Snapchat asking people to talk about their weeks. They always leave their social media open for people to reach out to them when they are in need.

Black is excited about the opportunities The Hive will have to reach out to students. For example, On Halloween, Hive members distributed candy and tags that said, “Bee-lieve in yourself” in order to spread positivity throughout the school. 

The Hive also has plans for further activities throughout the future including candy grams and much more. 

Students are encouraged to help and follow The Hive on their many social media accounts. These include their instagram,; their snapchat, @thehive.cchs; and their remind, @7a7fe2eg.

Finally, if any student needs someone to talk to or shine a light in their lives, The Hive is willing to help those students. The leaders of the hive are ready to talk and many of them have experienced similar struggles that make them ready to lend a hand.