The Coffee Press Presents the Winners of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Shelby Watkins, Feature Editor

In October of 2019, the journalism staff created a pumpkin carving and painting contest for all students to participate. 

There were many entries that were considered, each from the painting category and the carving category. Pumpkin decoration designs ranged from flowers to designs based on fictional characters.

The judges considered each aspect of every pumpkin, and ranked each one according to the pumpkins creativity, neatness, and overall presentation. Each student’s pumpkin was highly praised by the judges; however, there were only six winners: three from each category.

In the painting contest, first place went to Emily Alviar with a scene split between a sunflower, and a fall night sky. 

Second place was awarded to Carmen Clem for her pumpkin painted in the likeness of a watermelon.

For third place, Emily Graves submitted a painting of a notorious scene from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

For the carving contest, Skylar Bundy took first place. She carved her pumpkin into a home for a smaller pumpkin.

Second place went to Christian Alverez who carved his pumpkin into an owl.

Finally, Kaylee Williams carved a shark, with teeth and all, into her pumpkin.