Over 200 Bushfires Swarm the Country of Australia


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This image features an aerial view of firefighters working on the bushfires by helicopter.

Shelby Watkins, Feature Editor

Since September of 2019, Australia has been under threat of major destruction due to bushfires that are continuing to destroy homes and habitats across the country.

According to CNN, 25 individuals have lost their lives due to the bushfires. 

This is only the beginning of the crisis, many scientists speculate, as the fire season is most concerning in the upcoming summer months. The dry, hot summer months of Australia have often created issues with bushfires in the past, but many experts are worried the fires have just started.

New South Wales, a state on the east coast of Australia, has been hit the hardest in the bushfires crisis. According to the news site BBC, around 2,000 homes have been lost in NSW alone.

Not all of Australia is highly affected by actual fire; however, the Australian government has  recorded high levels of unsafe air quality in large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

The effects of the fires are still climbing, and images are emerging as thousands flee to the beaches to stay safe from the bushfires.

Sadly, the animals living in these habitats are having a much more difficult time escaping the fires. 

The University of Sydney has worked with wildlife experts to estimate 500 million animal deaths due to the bushfires. Many of these animals have struggled to maintain longevity in their species in the past, including koalas, and the fires are hurting their ability to survive.

Along with the mass news coverage, many celebrities are endorsing ways to help Australia. Keith Urban, Iggy Azalea, 5 Seconds of Summer and Leonardo Dicaprio have all taken to social media to raise awareness for the country’s crisis.

Through celebrity endorsements and mass media coverage, the fire service in Australia has announced that 13 million dollars has been donated to fire relief.

Though much is being done to stop the bushfires, there are still large environmental concerns for most  Australian wildlife.

Climate change activists have taken to social media to reprimand Australia for their lack of caution, but the Australian government has taken a different view.

Since August, 183 people have been arrested for any crimes or offences directly related to arson. 24 of those people were from NSW; according to “The Australian,” those arrests were directly tied to the spread of the bushfires in that state.

Many steps are being made to prevent further bushfires in the country although, the real cause is still being heavily debated by celebrities and politicians.