What Does 2020 Have In Store For Us?


Ashley Meadows, Staff Reporter

By the year 2020, many had predicted flying cars, robots performing chores and vacations on the moon. Now that we’ve reached 2020, it seems ridiculous to bet on these predictions. However, there are several recent predictions that are highly likely if not absolute for 2020.


As we all know, Disney+ came out at the end of 2019 and will only grow in popularity with popular movies and shows from the past and present. However, this could be bad news for Netflix because of its higher prices. 

Though Netflix made the streaming services popular, other streaming sites are in the process of releasing. Regardless, Netflix has major competition with many other streaming services. 

With all the choices available to the public, streaming services will, without a doubt, be one of the most popular sources of entertainment for 2020. 

Another major trend that began in 2019 were podcasts. They began to gain popularity through their wide variety of topics, discussions and speakers. 

Podcasts can range from informational updates on advancements to entertaining rambles from a group of friends. There is something for everyone and will become even more widespread in 2020. 


Many new advancements will be made in 2020, but one advancement that has already been in the works is 5G. A few companies have already started testing the efficiency and reach of 5G. 

If these tests are successful, it would allow for faster networks across the nation for mobile phone users. According to Visual Capitalist, the controversy behind 5G is the national security and protectionism.  

Though there is skepticism towards 5G, it will be a topic of discussion and improvement that we’ll see during this year. 


One major societal and political topic during 2019 was the environment, and it will only become more popular during 2020. With more rallies and protests throughout the world, it is sure to have a major impact. 

Activists have had such an influential part in the environmental movement and will only become more prominent in the future. Greta Thundberg has already reached people from all around the globe to support her cause, and her impact will only grow this year. 

On top of the influential side of the environmental cause, it will also aid in greener businesses’ growth. With more people in support of environmental causes, they will turn to greener businesses. This will in turn force other companies to become more eco-friendly. 


Though many feared a recession last year, the fear of a recession has steadily been decreasing since August of 2019. It is likely 2020 won’t bring a recession, but it won’t see an economic boost either. 

Chief executive U.S. economist at Oxford Economies, Gregory Daco, said, “We are not headed toward a recession, but the data do not indicate any form of sudden re-acceleration going into 2020.”

Public Opinions

Though many experts have predicted major events for 2020, I wanted to know what the public thought about 2020 and asked the students of Coffee County Central High School what they predicted for the year. 

We all know how notorious The Simpsons are for predicting future events; however, Bailey Crosslin predicts that the show will finally be proven wrong with a prediction in 2020.

We saw several new and old faces in the music industry rise to the top in 2019. Hanna Brock predicts that One Direction will be making a comeback, and now that we see the Jonas Brothers are back, it is definitely possible. 

With recent events between the U.S. and Iran, many question whether there will be a war between the two countries. Zander Welch predicts that there will be a proxy war, and it seems that with all the drafting memes, most would agree with him. 

Though no one can be sure of what the year will bring, we’ll have to stay alert on the events and wait until 2021 to see if they come true.