Senior Year Checklist

Ali Lemmons

Senior year- the best and possibly the busiest year of high school. At this point in your high school career, the end is in sight; however, there’s still several things to do before you can officially graduate.

Schedule Your Senior Photos
The earlier the better! It’s not a bad idea to schedule your senior portrait over the summer. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make an appointment.

Tour Your Top Colleges
Ideally, you should begin touring colleges in sophomore or junior year; however, it’s never too late to start! Tour every college you are interested in. Visiting campus will help you decide which college feels right for you.

Apply To Your Top Colleges
After visiting all your choices, you should begin to apply to the ones you are still interested in. If possible, you should apply before the end of the first semester. This gives you more time to pick your final choice and apply for their school-specific scholarships.

Fill Out the FAFSA
Don’t wait till the last minute! Fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible. It usually opens around the beginning of October. The sooner you fill it out, the more likely you are to receive grants.When filling out the form, make sure you and your parents have all the required documents on hand. This will ensure you fill it out in an efficient manner. Also, make sure to send the FAFSA to every school you are interested in.

Begin Applying for Outside Scholarships
Throughout the first semester, your guidance counselors will email you several scholarship opportunities. Apply to each one you are eligible for! These scholarships usually have higher monetary value, and they are entered by fewer students. You will have a better chance of winning.

Order Your Cap and Gown
It’s almost time! Remember to order your cap and gown from Jostens. Ordering it earlier will allow time for the package to come in. Then, you can make sure everything fits correctly before graduation. Don’t forget to decorate your cap!

Pick a College
There’s no specific time to pick your college, but earlier is always better! Make sure to consider location, cost, size, variety of majors, and other significant factors. Don’t forget to consider community and public colleges. They’re so much cheaper than prestigious private schools.

Apply for School Scholarships
Most colleges have an easy, one-application scholarship process to obtain their school-specific scholarships. Make sure you fill this out! This is the only way you can receive the guaranteed scholarships that they offer for certain ACT scores and GPAs.

Most schools also have departmental scholarships. Depending on your intended college major, there can be several that you will be eligible for. These will require a separate application, but it’s worth the work!

Apply for Housing
Now that you’ve picked a college, it’s time to plan your housing. Make sure you view each style of dorm your college has. You may have to go on a housing tour, but some colleges have pictures of their dorm rooms online. Make sure you consider size, amenities, location and price when applying.

If you already have a roommate picked out, now is the time to inform your college that you want to room together. Each college’s process is different, but don’t be afraid to call their housing department if you have questions.

If you don’t already have a roommate picked out, fill out the roommate questionnaire. This survey will help your college assign you a roommate that you will get along with.

We can’t forget about prom! Take a break from college planning so you can buy the perfect dress or suit, plan the perfect promposal, and party with your friends all night!

Schedule your Orientation Day
Graduation day is only getting closer! By now your college will be asking you to register for an orientation day. This is an event over the summer where colleges invite their future students to familiarize themselves with the campus before the semester begins. You can meet other students, talk with your future teachers and register for college classes.

Remember to Have Fun!
Senior year is incredibly stressful, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Your future is important, but so is being happy. Remember to spend quality time with your friends. This is your last year of high school, so live it up! Go to all the football and basketball games, pick out a dress for Homecoming, and go to Murfreesboro on the weekend with your friends. Senior year will be over before you know it.

Make Some memories
High school isn’t over just yet. There’s still time to hang with your best friends in your hometown. Do as many fun things as you can before your freshman year of college starts.

You finally made it, and it only took (hopefully) four years! Remember to show up for graduation practice in the morning. Then, go home, talk to your friends, shower and get dressed. Be at Carden Jarrell field ON TIME. Trust me‒ you’re not gonna want to miss this.