Bullet Journaling Is for Everyone, Regardless of Artistic Ability


Ashley Meadows, Staff Reporter

We’ve all seen bullet journals with beautiful calligraphy and doodles. Though they’re aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you’ve probably thought they were too hard to start or just not right for you. However, bullet journals can be great for just about anyone.

For those that aren’t entirely sure what a bullet journal is, let me enlighten you. A bullet journal is basically a journal that you get to create to keep track of any and all aspects of your life. 

Whether you consider yourself artsy or not, bullet journals are versatile and customizable to your needs. You can journal as specific as by the hour or as broad as by the month. The setup is completely up to you.

You may be wondering, why should I bullet journal? There are several benefits that go along with bullet journaling, such as staying organized, keeping you productive, and helping you set and track goals.

Organization is probably the main reason most beginners choose to start bullet journals. So, how is it done? Bullet journals keep all of your information in one place. You can add as many aspects as you want to track.

For example, you can add agendas, to-do lists, habit trackers, budgets, goals, etc. If you were to keep all these things separately, it would be difficult to track. Since all these aspects are kept in one location, your bullet journal, it’s a lot easier to keep them all organized and handy.

Another big benefit of the bullet journal is how it improves your productivity. Since you write out your tasks, events, and activities, you’ll know what needs to be done and by when. 

When you don’t write it all out, it’s easy to forget just how much you have to do and makes it easier to procrastinate. However, with bullet journaling, you’ll feel the pressure to get your work done once you see just how much it is. 

Finally, you’ll be able to set and track your goals efficiently through bullet journaling. When you see your goals, it becomes so much easier to track your progress within your bullet journal. 

It will also keep you more accountable for them. Let’s say you’ve fallen behind on your savings goal because you’ve been eating out too much (guilty). Your bullet journal will show you that you’re falling behind, which will in turn push you to work harder to reach your goal. 

All in all, bullet journal can benefit you in several ways. I know my bullet journal has helped me keep track of the work I have to get done and helped me stay a lot more organized than before. 

Though I’m not a super artsy person, I have become more open to creativity because I like trying new spreads throughout my journal. So if you’re worried about your art skills getting in the way, it might actually improve your creativity. 

For example, senior Maria DeAnda said, “I’d say I like to use my journal to keep my favorite memories all in one place. I like that I’m able to decorate it in a way that’s more personal to me. You get to decide what to do with it.” 

Whether you want to try a new method of productivity or just have something to let your creativity fly, I would suggest trying out a bullet journal, even if it’s just for fun. You might find your new favorite hobby!