February Teacher Feature: Mrs. Bailee Brown


Chemistry teacher Bailee Brown provides a positive, hands-on environment for her young scientists.

Jake Melton, Editor-in-Chief

For the Coffee Press’ fourth issue of Teacher Feature, the student body has selected Mrs. Bailee Brown. Mrs. Brown is a first year teacher here at CCCHS and teaches standard, honors, and Advanced Placement Chemistry. 

The responses yielded by the students regarding Mrs. Brown all focused on her positive vibes and her ability to make learning a difficult subject a fun experience.

I feel like Mrs. Brown deserves to be featured because she makes her teaching very fun and interesting. She gets involved with her students activities and she actually cares about her students. She makes sure her students are succeeding now, and she helps them try and succeed in the future. You can tell that she wants her students to succeed due to her wanting to help them anyway possible she can.”

“She cares about her students dearly and she teaches the very best. She uses hands on methods and teaches her topics thoroughly. She’s the best and funnest teacher I’ve had!”

“She is always so positive in class and has a great attitude toward the school day. She is always smiling and making sure everyone gets the material we are going over.”

“I feel Mrs. Brown deserves to be featured on the Coffee Press because I feel that she is a very reliable teacher and she makes Chemistry very interesting. She is always there to talk to and is a very good listener. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and she is one to give her students multiple chances. She is very dependable and she treats her students with respect.”

To get a better understanding of who Mrs. Brown is, I took a few minutes to interview her.

How long have you been teaching?

“I have been teaching for seven months. This is my first year!”

What were you doing before you taught?

“I went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Go Vols, baby! I loved college; it was the best. I also reffed soccer on the side.”

What inspired you to teach?

“I was going to school to be a pharmacist up until junior year of college. And at the same time I was a counselor at a day camp and at my interview there they had asked me what I was majoring in and I responded, “Chemistry. I want to be a pharmacist.” And they said, “We have so many science majors that come here, but after they work with the kids, they switch to teaching.” And I was thinking, “Oh no, that’s not going to be me,” but after working at that camp, I really wanted to work with kids and I just loved it so much. So, I made the big decision to go into teaching. And of course I’m not rich, but rich in my own brain.”

When teaching becomes difficult what makes you continue?

“I feel like this is my calling, and I can be a positive impact in multiple students’ lives. But sometimes it gets really hard and then I cry and I pray and I cry and I pray and then I cry and I pray again, but then I just decide “I can do this”’

What is the best part about being a teacher?

“I get to interact with my students every single day.Teaching is fun and all, and I love teaching and I love chemistry, and when I can get them to care about it. But more than anything I just like getting to interact with the students and getting to know them and building positive school relationships with my students. That’s what I like about it.

CCCHS chose a great individual to fill a challenging position, positively impacting the school environment. Coffee County appreciates all Mrs. Brown does.