A new club spikes interest at CCCHS


Students Bryson Clanton, Ali Wittenmeier, Braxton White, and Shelby Watkins participate in the inaugural Spikeball club meeting.

Shelby Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

Coffee County Central High School’s first meeting of the new Spikeball club brought many students together to practice their teamwork skills, communication, and have fun with other students.

Over the summer, senior students Nicholas Watkins and Braxton White met in order to start a Spikeball club at CCCHS. 

Spikeball, often described as a mixture of volleyball and foursquare, has become highly popular among teens and young adults.

When asked why they were inspired to start the club, White stated, “My friends and I have been playing for a couple of years now, and we feel that it’s a very good way to bond and work on your team and communication skills. Now, we wanted to bring that to the whole school.”

Along with leaders White and Watkins, Mrs. Duke, an English teacher at CCCHS, has sponsored the club to help provide students with a time to learn and develop these skills.

On Thursday, Sept. 2, 2020, the Spikeball club held its first meeting. Although it was raining, students found a way to still play the game in the halls of CCCHS.

Three Spikeball nets were brought from different club members, and students and teachers alike spent time rotating positions, teammates, and playing time between games.

One student, sophomore Ali Wittenmeier, enjoyed her time at the club. She responded that her favorite part of Spikeball club was, “…probably how much fun we had, how much teamwork we had, and how well we did together.”

Many students came to participate in Spikeball club, and the members are hopeful that more students can come in the future. White and Watkins encouraged every student to invite their friends and developed a unified atmosphere.

White and Watkins want to create a team environment and help others grow in the skills that Spikeball helps develop as well as to grow friendships with students that would not normally interact.

White mentioned that his favorite part of leading Spikeball club was that he was able to do both of those things. His goal was to help others not only grow in Spikeball but in beneficial life skills.

Spikeball club meets every first and third Thursday of the month. The club begins its meetings in Mrs. Duke’s room after school is over; each meeting will last until 4:30 p.m. 

Spikeball requests that members join the Google Classroom, available through Mrs. Duke, and pay a $5 fee for the purchase of future nets and snacks. The fee is not necessary to play and students are encouraged to participate even if they cannot pay.

For more information, email Mrs. Duke at [email protected]. Spikeball is open to all students at CCCHS!