Students at CCCHS share their talents through local praise teams


Students involved in First Baptist’s praise team perform for their Wednesday night service.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

What is a praise team? The people who bring music to youth groups and church services often don’t get credited for the countless hours of hard work they put in. 

Most churches adopting contemporary worship have a worship band or praise band to provide music during their services. Praise teams around Coffee County include young musicians who use their gifts and passion for music to bring worship to churches. 

Many students in Coffee County including Maddi Helms, Ethan Stacy and Kailee Shores have stepped up to lead their praise bands and help teach the importance of music. 

“A praise team is a group of students who meet, practice and perform in front of the church and lead praise” states Maddi Helms, a singer from First Baptist Church.

A lot goes into the success of a praise team. From the technology technicians who finalize the sound and the slides to the singers and band members. Every person in a praise team is important.

Maddi Helms states, “My role is to sing and get the audience involved and even sometimes lead the band.”

Praise bands give youth the opportunity to grow in their faith as well as participating in an area of music they excel in.

“You’re worshipping, but from your worship, you are gaining technical abilities like public speaking, leadership skills and developing musically” states Ethan Stacy.

Praise teams have a lot to offer. From the deep connections made with others to simply finding your purpose through music.

Kailee Shores, a singer at Trinity Baptist Church states, “I love the community and the relationships that I have developed with the band members. I love getting to church early and practicing. Even though we all have different tastes in music and have very different personalities, we have a great time.”

To learn more about your youth praise bands contact your local youth minister. Or check out local church sites like the following: and