A popular new game is among us


All image credit to Innersloth, the game’s developer.

Lindsey Landrum, Opinions-Editorial Editor

Among Us was initially released on June 15, 2018, but the latter half of 2020 has given this game a popular place among young people.

The game was first released as an app for Android and IOS, but it has since reached the PC as a desktop game. The app made for mobile devices is free if you do not buy the ad-free version, and the PC version can be bought on Steam for $4.99.

The game puts a group of people on a confined map. Some will be crewmates with certain tasks to perform, and others will be impostors with the goal of killing all crewmates.

If the crewmates complete all of their tasks, they win.

The game features three maps for players to choose from: The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

Crewmates must set out to discover the impostors among them. When a body is discovered, or an emergency meeting is called, players have a chance to discuss and vote on who they think is the impostor.

If a player is voted on by the majority, they will be eliminated.

Impostors are able to sabotage certain aspects of the map such as tampering with the communication systems. They are also able to jump around the map via traveling through vents.

Young people across the nation have certainly taken interest in this game, and it has definitely taken hold in Coffee County Central High School.

The game is very entertaining with a large mystery element that keeps you engaged at every turn. It’s also very versatile, as it can be played with a group of friends or with other online players.

The impostor system works well, as it puts the impostors on a pretty even playing field by adding a kill cool down. This keeps the impostor from killing one person immediately after another.

The game also includes the helpful addition of visual tasks. When performing these tasks, such as clearing asteroids or scanning in the medbay, other players will see an animation of this task being performed, confirming that the player is undoubtedly innocent.

Most settings, such as kill cool down and visual tasks can be altered by the host of the game. This makes it totally customizable.

Although Among Us has become immensely popular and is loved by many, it does have a few aspects in need of improvement. 

One of the most common tasks that a player will have to perform is a wire task in which players must connect wires of coordinating colors. This task can be difficult for color-blind users to perform.

Although a beta version of the game with updates on this issue has been released, most users have not acquired this new version.

Furthermore, the developers did not expect the game to blow up like this, and the servers have become crowded, causing servers to crash periodically.

Overall, this is a great game for teens and young adults. Whether you want to play with a group of friends or on your own, this game is ultimately an excellent use of leisure time.