After fighting COVID-19, the mayor of Manchester has passed away


Beloved mayor, Lonnie Norman, passed away after battling Covid-19.

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

On the morning of October 12, Lonnie Norman passed from this life, aged 79, after serving three consecutive terms as the mayor of Manchester.

Norman had been in the hospital as of October 1st, and he had several pre-existing conditions. He had fought diabetes and lung cancer for years.

The Manchester Times wrote, “Lonnie was a statesman and a diplomat, but above all else, he was kind, honest, and thoughtful. In a world that seems to so easily be divided, Mayor Norman brought us together. Mayor Norman understood the importance of compromise and honest debate.” 

Norman became the first black Mayor of Manchester in 1991, and in his years of being a politician, he never lost an election. According to Thunder Radio, “A new recreation complex, soccer field, improvements to countless parks, other infrastructure, and support for our beloved Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival were among his proudest accomplishments.”

As so many of Norman’s cohorts and family say, he was not only a mayor, but he was a dedicated citizen. He came to ball games, visited school events, was at every church service, and was there for the citizens of Manchester. 

His dedication has been recognized by Kanye West, Rebecca Schleicher, NBC News, and many other public figures and News channels. The news of his death has even made it on the Twitter homepage. 

West tweeted “My condolences to the family and the people of Manchester, Tennessee who lost their dedicated Mayor, Lonnie Norman to COVID-19.”

Kennedy Norman-Young, junior at Coffee County is related to Mayor Norman, and she had a few words to say on what he meant to her. 

Mayor Norman was the great uncle of Norman-Young, and she stated that he was a role model for her. She said, “He was always kind and sweet to every person he met whoever you were.”

She talked about how he was a talented leader and just a role model for Manchester. 

“He was my uncle that would always fix my clothes and tell me to stand up straight. He was always worried if I was growing up too fast, and every time I saw him, he was the light at the end of the tunnel.”

She said that he knew how to bring everyone together, and he had kindness in his heart for everyone. 

As the city of Manchester looks back on Norman’s life, they remember his devotion to the city and having a big place in his heart for it.