Student baker with ambitions has her own business


Student, Madelyn Shultz, at Coffee County has started her own business selling homemade goodies.

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

Senior at Coffee County Central High School, Madelyn Schultz creates a booming business in just seven months. 

In March of this year, Schultz started her small business. “Made by Madelyn” has taken the town of Manchester by storm. 

Shultz specializes in baked goods of any kind, and she does not have a favorite right now. She is focused on getting her name out there. 

Schultz fell in love with baking ever since she was a little girl, and she wanted to start this business because she genuinely loves to bake. “My grandma and I would make Christmas cookies every year and I chose to branch off by myself and discover new recipes. It’s really an enjoyable hobby where I can create and just kind of escape the chaos of life.”

When asked what factors contributed to the beginning of “Made by Madelyn,” Schultz talked about how everyone told her she needed to start making goodies to sell. “Why not make a little money?” she said. 

Her business has grown over the past seven months, and while she has faced challenges, she has also had several achievements. 

She remarked, “My biggest accomplishment is just the fact that I started my own business. My biggest challenge is that I’m still in school and cheer, so it is a little challenging when special orders need to be delivered during the afternoon.”

In overcoming her obstacles, Shultz has made progress in this early career of hers. She feels good about her progress.

“Every month I have a special that I come out with, and I’ve been getting new customers with each special, whether it is one or two.” She has been only growing since March of this year.

Shultz said that she wishes to continue baking, but it is not her first career choice. She would like to pursue a career in nursing. 

Despite this, she stated that it would be ideal if she could keep baking on the side to make a little extra money. 

While balancing high school and cheerleading, Schultz has made a name for herself through baking and only hopes to grow.