Season Two of the Mandalorian starts off with previously expected action


The Mandalorian season two released on Disney+ with a great first episode.

Nic Watkins, Sports Editor

For a year viewers have been missing action on Din Djarin, otherwise known as The Mandalorian and the Child. The audience had anticipated a strong return to the show, but the 52-minute show stopper was a surprise for viewers. 

In this episode entitled “The Marshal,” the dynamic duo started their journey searching for other Mandalorians to guide them through their journey in discovering the Child’s original species.

As he walks into a fight club to get intel from a creature named Gor Karesh, he is suddenly surprised as it turns out to be a trap in order to obtain “Mando’s” beskar armor. After several intense fights with 5 to 10 of Karesh’s best fighters, Mando slowly wins the battle.

Karesh cowardly runs away but is tracked down by the Mandalorian. After shooting a wire at Karesh’s feet he is slowly dragged up a pole and tells Mando that there was rumored to be a Mandalorian type creature on Tatooine. 

In a casual Djarin way he leaves the man hanging for the local dogs to brutally slaughter Karesh for his cowardice. 

Now heading to Tatooine, the team heads to a familiar place in a hangar bay where they meet Peli Motto, the woman who protected Baby Yoda in episode five of season one.

Motto says for the droids to not work on the ship because of the hatred the warrior had for droids in season one, but after his droid companion IG-11 saved his life, he suddenly has a change of heart and lets the mechanic droids do their job. 

Motto also lends Mando her speeder bike and sends him on a trip towards Mos Pelgo. When asking if there was a Mandalorian nearby, the bartender he was talking to stated that the only one who had similar armor to him was “The Marshal.”

This turn of events was when both the characters met for the first time but seeing the Marshal was not truly a Mandalorian he demanded his armor; suddenly a demon who had been terrorizing the town, the Krayt Dragon swarms their town and eats a Bantha, which is a woolly mammoth styled creature.

The Marshal also known as Cobb Vanth and Mando suit up and head towards a tusken raider camp, who were most commonly known as “animals” which made tensions rise between Vanth and the Raiders. 

As time goes they eventually settle on an agreement through Mando who has been able to communicate to the tuskens. They team up in order to take down this beast and call peace between the tribes.

While fighting the slithery beast, members sacrificed themselves and were bait in order to bring the monster out of his home in an abandoned Sarlacc pit. Members of Mos Pelgo shot ropes to try to keep the beast pinned down, but failed and backfired on the citizens.

The team was getting taken down left and right so Mando and Vanth went to action shooting at the beast. Eventually, Mando realized he must do something extra and climbed on top of a Bantha that was strapped with explosives. 

The monster consumes the two and was thought to have been killed. Using his intelligence the leader actually used an electrified rifle to stun the beast for a few seconds until he could fly out. 

The jetpack he acquired last season was his saving grace, and he could get a birds-eye view of the bombs killing the Krayt Dragon. 

The two groups were both appreciative and settled their differences. Vanth gives Mando the armor he had asked for in return and headed back towards his ship.

A late cliffhanger shows the unaltered clone, Boba Fett looking down at Mando who had just now collected his old armor. 

Fett was rumored to be in the show, but this closer set the show up for a stellar second episode.

All in all, the show put off a season opener that made all Star Wars fans hyped for the episodes that follow.