A record breaking presidential election is still in dispute

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

With mail-in ballots, neck-and-neck states, and President Trump filing legal challenges, the 2020 election was “among the most monumental historical events in history,” says newsweek.com. 

On November 3, millions upon millions of Americans flooded to the polls making this a record for voting numbers. There were nearly 100 million early votes, and this year, due to COVID-19, many have chosen the route of mail-in ballots.

After four days, Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election. Biden got the most popular votes after taking the lead from Donald Trump in many states.

He got the electoral college’s vote, which won him the election. It was the race to 270 votes, and Biden beat Trump to it. 

The mail-in ballots in states such as Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia took two more extra days to count.  

Trump does not think the election was valid as he believes the ballots were not counted correctly and that an excessive amount of illegal voting took place. He is looking to get a few states to recount ballots. 

His supporters are backing the President, but  Biden was declared the winner by media outlets. Trump is claiming election fraud and his supporters are right behind him. 

Biden, on the other hand, is saying that all the votes should be counted, and he is stating that America should trust the election. 

The deadline for states to certify their election result is December 8th, so President Trump has until then to find fraud and recount votes. When those states are certified, the Electoral College will choose the next president through casting votes.

According to vox.com, Trump has had little success with his case. However, all of this is subject to change. 

The inauguration will be January 20th for Joe Biden, as of now.