CCCHS student-athletes quarantined during season


The basketball floor stays empty as athletes from CCCHS are getting quarantined left and right.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

2020 sports seasons have been like no other at Coffee County Central High School. Players going virtual in hopes of escaping possible quarantine, seasons ending early, and zoom practices are a new reality. 

The 2020-21 CCCHS basketball season is kicking off with varsity girls racing to secure their top 5 rankings in the Tennessee AAA Division. 

The varsity girls took on distance learning in early November in hopes of limiting the chances of exposure and possible quarantining that could otherwise put a hold on their rigorous sports season.

“This season is very very different, but I think everything’s different now. After all, we’ve gone through a lot of changes as a world in the past year, so I don’t really know what’s even “normal” anymore.” States Eli Chumley, member of the varsity girls basketball team.

Corona hit again when an after school practice ended with varsity boys basketball quarantining for 10 days. Pausing the season and practices is not ideal amidst the most competitive sports season of the year. 

“Usually games do not get canceled this much, and we really don’t know what the rest of the season holds, so we just go day by day. It’s way different than any other season.” says basketball senior, Jaxon Vaughn.

The Raiderette dance team has also felt the effects of COVID at the beginning of their competition season. With all but three girls being quarantined because of a weekend practice gone wrong, zoom has become the only way for the team to stay caught up on learning new material. 

Taylor Lorance, captain of the dance team, states, “This season has been different mostly because nothing is set in stone. From actual games to practices, many unexpected cancellations and rearrangements have been made throughout. Especially since I am a senior, it is extremely saddening that this last season is nothing like what I wanted or expected.”

The Raiderettes are continuously keeping up their great work ethic despite the numerous challenges they have faced this season. 

“We already have had a “watered down” season because of Corona, but being quarantined with the team for two weeks doesn’t help because we are missing out on valuable in-person practice time to get ready for upcoming competitions and basketball games that we might or might not even do now” states Dance Team senior, Rachel Johnson. 

Basketball, the dance team, and the cheerleaders are all experiencing a basketball season that is unlike any other. This year is filled with concerns, questions, and what-ifs. 

Ryan Green, a senior on the CCCHS cheerleading squad, states “We are no longer allowed to cheer with the full team, we are split into four different cheer squads and take turns cheering at each basketball game. I will only get to cheer around 4 basketball games this whole season” 

Our high school athletes are being faced with challenges that they couldn’t have thought of facing, but for these teams, the challenges are worth the payoff. 

Our athletes are working incredibly hard, so let’s encourage our student-athletes by showing up to support them. Click the link for the full 2020-21 basketball schedule. Hope to see you supporting our teams from the sidelines!