A Unique club at CCHS has been sparking students interests


In D&D, you are given the opportunity to create every aspect of your character from start to finish.

Connor Fox, School Clubs Editor

Dungeons and Dragons is the cultural phenomenon that has been taking over CCHS in the form of one of its newest clubs, the D&D club.

 Dungeons and Dragons is an interactive role-playing game in which the players go through a world created by the “gamemaster”, who is the host of the game.”

Club member Eden Garret says that the D&D club is a fun inviting environment that has helped her become more creative and become a better storyteller. 

She recommends that everyone try Dungeons and Dragons at least one time to see if they like it because if they do enjoy it, they will not regret joining the club.

Club Sponsor, Allen Kittinger, says that anyone who has not played D&D should “Give it a try!  Maybe come and watch during a club meeting, and decide from there.  You can get started without spending any money, and we never fail to have a ton of fun!”

He also says that D&D can help make a person more creative, “Definitely!  Every aspect of the game is imagination: how a character looks, how they walk, talk, and swing a sword.  There is no end to the amount of creativity that is involved.  That being said, creativity is not a requirement.  It is fun even listening to the other players describe things in the world.”

High School Clubs are a place where students can find new interests and learn to express themselves, and novel clubs such as D&D are a perfect example of ways students can step out of their comfort zone and flourish in a different environment. 

Dungeons and Dragons meets the first and third Tuesday in the library from 3-4:30 P.M. Check with Mr. Kittinger for changes due to COVID-19.