The anxiously anticipated COVID vaccine has “phases”


Healthcare worker receiving the vaccine.

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

Although it is a new year, America is still embarking on the same issue of COVID-19. 

However, “new year, new vaccine” has become the motto as 2021 is here. The vaccination is becoming prominent, as more than 29 million vaccinations have been delivered in 43 countries, as of January 12. 

As for America, vaccinations started December 14, and health-care workers were given the first dose. The FDA has a recommended priority list for those who should get them.

There are “phases,” according to the CDC, and these will be administered according to primary concerns and those most susceptible to the virus. 

First, those in healthcare positions are the primary people in phase 1a for the vaccine. According to DHEC, those who are 65 years and older, can be vaccinated by hospitals as long as they are given the green light to be vaccinated. 

In short, phase 1a is for those in healthcare and those 70 years or older, despite their conditions. This is the group that is America’s priority as of now for the vaccine. 

Focusing on the older population, these people are being put on lists as vaccines come in, as there is a large demand for it. 

In Coffee County, the vaccines will continue to be administered by the Health Department beginning again on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The health department is following the phase plan, and they want to give those who are at the highest risk to the virus before they administer others the vaccines.

They recommend going to this link to determine eligibility for vaccinations. They also recommend calling to make sure that each person gets on the list especially because it is two doses.

As the phases continue, updates will be made.