Students at CCCHS were encouraged to write and perform poetry through school event


Students were asked to share their poems from the slam in a new way: through Flipgrid.

Shelby Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

The Southern Word Poetry Slam event, held through many English classes at CCCHS, was a success as many students submitted their work to be judged on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

The Southern Word educational program has allowed CCCHS students to understand poetry in a deeper way that connects it to their unique lives. 

According to their website, Southern Word is committed to this. It states under their “Mission” section, “Through the literary and performing arts, Southern Word offers creative solutions for youth to build literacy and presentation skills, reconnect to their education and lives, and act as leaders in the improvement of their communities.

Many students were able to spend class time learning about the discipline of poetry and how they could use it to express themselves and what they have accomplished or been through.

The event was a way to incorporate learning about the structure and basics of poetry through their real-life experiences.

The slam typically involves students writing their poetry throughout the week. Then, they would present to their classmates as a group. This year was different as students were given the option to submit their poems to Flipgrid instead of congregating in the library.

While all students in the classes participated in the event, only a few submitted their poems for final review and judgment in the contest.

These students were Larissa Brown, Emma Holmes, Logan Honea, Taylor Lorance, Landon Meadows, Logan Meadows, Cody Rosenberger, Tyler Taylor, Nic Watkins, and Madison Wiseman. 

Senior, Taylor Lorance, enjoyed her experience with Southern Word. She said, “it was definitely a great experience to get me out of my comfort zone and push me to be confident in my work.”

Lorance also added that she learned important skills about characterization and how to read poetry aloud.

Additionally, many English teachers at CCCHS were a part of the program; Mike Stein had much to say on how the program was helpful for himself and the students involved.

Stein commented, “I see students share poems who have been quiet all school year. I see students truly blossom into successful writers. I feel their emotions and their passions. It’s truly a magical event.” He went on to say that students gain much confidence from this program and their writing and he enjoys seeing them grow.”

The winners of the event this year were as follows: Emma Holmes received first place, and Taylor Lorance received second.

While the event was different this year, there is hope that the Southern Word Poetry Slam will be able to continue for the students at CCCHS.