CCCHS takes on a new renovation


CCCHS installs a new sidewalk for car riders, walkers, and others.

Alexa Morse, Opinions-Editorial Editor

As students returned to school in recent days, they may have noticed the latest addition. CCCHS has undertaken a renovation: a new sidewalk.

The sidewalk will be widened near the music department. The upgrade will accommodate the large number of students that exit the school at the end of the day.

A sidewalk is also being built by the student parking lot. The new sidewalk will extend all the way out to highway 55.

“Overall, the new sidewalk should result in cleaner shoes for those walking on and off-campus via the front side of campus and give us a nicer looking campus entrance area,” Principal Paul Parsley explained in an email.   

Sophomore Kt Davison voiced her outlook on the project. 

She states that the upgrade is a nice addition and will be beneficial to students and visitors. She agrees that it will make it easier to prevent busy after school foot traffic and dirty shoes. 

The renovation was made possible by funding from local businesses. Moran Brothers, Inc., Smyrna Ready Mix, Mid Tenn Turf, Turf Works, and Coffee County Bank were all the businesses that made the makeover possible.

Mr. Parsley states that the renovation began on Jan. 18 and is expected to take 8 to 10 business days.