Chemistry teacher Mrs. Bailee Brown leaves the classroom to pursue her dream of becoming a chemical analyst


Bailee Brown, Chemistry teacher and Refuge 305 leader.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Chemistry teacher, Bailee Brown, closes a chapter of her life at Coffee County Central High School and enters into the field of chemical analysis. 

When asked about her initial career plans, Brown states “I was not originally planning on becoming a teacher, but during my senior year of college a job opportunity was presented, and I applied for it. I was originally very excited to teach, and I am still very passionate about teaching chemistry to students, but I believe my new job will allow me to practice my analytical chemistry skills that I enjoy using on a daily basis.” 

“Taking on this job has definitely increased my appreciation for teachers and all of the hard work they put into each day. More than anything, my students have had the largest impact on me because we have created such unique, sweet relationships that I will never forget.” 

Throughout Brown’s two years at CCCHS, she has provided a welcoming environment for all of her students. Brown has successfully made learning a difficult subject such as Honors or AP chemistry an enjoyable experience. 

It is visible through her students that Brown is leaving nothing but a positive impact. 

AP student Taylor Lorance, states, “Mrs. Brown has taught me to always give forth my best effort and spread kindness and positivity. She has also taught me to love others and never be afraid to dive into my faith.”

When asked how having Brown as a teacher has impacted him, Gavin Prater replied, Having Mrs. Brown as a teacher has been a relief. I’ve never enjoyed school that much, but having a teacher that is always excited about what they are teaching, and having a teacher that interacts and talks with her students has made a major difference.” 

“She’s taught me how to live with enthusiasm, how to be courageous, how to not be discouraged when I don’t understand things, and most importantly how to love chemistry,” states Shelby Watkins, AP student and Refuge leader. 

Claire Bryant, AP chemistry student states,“The thing I am going to miss the most about Mrs. Brown is her bright personality. Even on hard days she always finds a way to make it better not only for her but also for her students.”

When asked what Brown has taught her, Hallie Wimberley, an honors student and Refuge leader, stated, “She has taught me that having a good attitude about things can really change how they turn out.”

Brown didn’t just leave a lasting impact on her pupils. When asked about working with Brown, chemistry teacher Chris Little stated, “Mrs. Brown will be missed by both students and teachers, but I am proud to see her moving towards achieving her personal goals of acting as a chemist.”

Little also stated, “I have felt honored to teach with a former student. We have all really enjoyed her positive energy in the science department. I have spent a lot of time observing her this year because it is my first year teaching chemistry. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a great teacher.”

In the matter of only a year, Brown has also positively influenced the way I see the world. I now strive to be as kind and optimistic as possible. She never fails to put a smile on my face or to encourage me to grow in my faith. Without her, my junior year definitely wouldn’t be as enjoyable. 

In closing, Brown states, “It feels bittersweet. I am extremely sad to leave my incredible students behind because I care about them so much, but I am happy to pursue this new career opportunity.”