Was the NBA All-Star game worth watching?

Nic Watkins, Sports Editor

On Sunday, March 7 the NBA hosted an all-star game in which the league’s best players, voted on by the coaches and the general population, were able to present their talents to the public. 

Usually, “All-Star Weekend” includes a Skills Competition, a Three-Point Competition, a dunk competition, and an All-Star game. This year due to COVID-19 restrictions limited amounts of people were allowed into the courts and the weekend was pushed into one day. 

To start, the Skills competition was the first event. It was headlined by players such as finalists Domantas Sabonis and Nikola Vucevic. This event has always been a dull event and doesn’t add much to the overall feel of the All-Star weekend. I would rate this event a six out of ten.

Next was the Three-Point Competition. The overall census for the winner of the event was Stephen Curry would win. Going into this competition many were saying “who would get the second place” due to the overall feeling and fear Curry puts into his opponents. 

I liked this event personally more than the skills competition because it makes the viewer sit in awe of the greatness that some of these players hold. I would rate it at eight out of ten. 

The dunk contest was actually in the middle of the all-star game this different year, but I am going to cover it before the all-star game. This year hosted three players in the dunk contest which were Anfernee Simons, Cassius Stanley, and Obi Toppin. 

Altogether, this was one of the worst dunk contests in recent years. Simons was really the only player to use any sort of creativity in his dunks while the others had done dunks we’ve all seen before. 

This dunk contest definitely won’t go down as the most memorable and I would rate it at a five out of ten. 

The last event that was held was the all-star game. This is the moment that the stars wait for yearly as this is a chance for the players to go head to head with other stars. 

The teams were split into two teams “Team Lebron” and “Team Durant.” Whichever team scored the most per quarter would be able to get a donation towards a charity of that team’s choice and I personally like the format that they took. 

Overall Team Lebron was too dominant with some of the best players while Team Durant had to battle injuries and COVID-19 issues faced directly before the game. 

One thing that I wish the game included was any sort of defense. I understand that players do not want to risk injury, but the lack of defense makes these games hard to watch from time to time. 

As a whole, I would still rate the game a ten out of ten due to the fun dunks and moments that are shared on the court. 

I still believe personally that even though this wasn’t the best all-star weekend or most normal that all basketball fans should watch these different games due to the elite humor spread by commentators and the great passion that stars have for playing one another.