Senior Emma Holmes makes lasting impression on CCCHS


Jessica Helton

Emma’s senior portrait.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Emma Holmes, a senior at Coffee County Central High School has made a lasting impact on her community.

Some may ask, what has Holmes been involved in during her high school career? The real question is what has she NOT been a part of!

Andie Clutter, senior at CCHS states, “She spreads her determination and kindness across the building, and always gives her all in everything she does.”

Holmes spends her time as the student director for show choir, running an a cappella group called Vocal Hype and performing in almost every musical production. 

Even more, she is the Arts Editor and Business Manager for the Coffee Press and holds the leadership role of Drum Major for the band. 

Holmes states, “I feel as though I’ve definitely impacted the arts community here at the school; I know a lot of band kids look up to me as a mom-friend.”

When asked about Holmes’ strengths in and out of the classroom, Band Director, Luke Simpson responded, “Outside of the classroom, she is a very strong friend and mentor. There are many students that look up to Emma, not just as a musician, but as a friend as well. Emma is always willing to listen to those who have problems and help them work through it.”

Friend of Holmes, Alexa Morse states, “Emma is ambitious and knows what she wants. She is resilient and her strength is admirable. I admire her generosity towards people, but also her honesty.”

When asked about who has shaped her into the person she is today, Holmes stated, “I owe a lot to my mom, Mrs. Duke, and Mrs. Petersen. All of them have pushed me to be better, and I always wanna make my mom proud.”

Katie Duke, AP English and Journalism teacher states, “Emma will fight for what she believes in and for those she loves. Her loyalty to her friends and family is unparalleled. She’s also one of the most creative people I know. She’s a gorgeous writer, a beautiful singer, and a talented actress. Finally, I love her boldness and ability to talk to anyone. She’s truly an outstanding young lady.”

Holmes is continuously influencing the arts community at CCHS. When asked how she manages all her extracurriculars she replied, “Oh gosh, sometimes it feels like I can’t! However, I’ve managed to push through and keep going by reminding myself that it’ll be worth it; it’s what I love doing after all.”

Simpson states, “I admire Emma’s strong leadership and commitment to our organization. She has handled the role of drum major very well and risen to meet its challenges with grace and confidence. Emma has been awesome at giving the band what it needs, whether it’s a stern word, a friendly smile, or a shoulder to cry on. All of those qualities are important!” 

“I am so proud of Emma for remaining true to herself throughout high school. I have had her in a class all three years of high school, and she is always herself. Often, kids lose themselves, trying to fit into the crowd, but Emma Holmes is authentic, genuine, and different in the absolute best way,” Duke states.

Holmes’ influence can be noticed throughout Coffee County Central High School. From the countless hours of hard work, she has poured into everything she’s been a part, to her ability to spread kindness throughout the building. 

The impact she has had on teachers and fellow students is certain to last long after she graduates. Holmes plans on attending Maryville College and major in American Sign Language.